New Shahadah On-Line Resource Center 
The New Shahadah Programs of Philadelphia was established in 1999 by Sister Fawziyyah Muhammad in cooperation with United Muslim Movement /Masjid in 2000. With only a small group of sisters one of our biggest programs was the Mentoring Programs, where sisters and brothers was paired with a Muslim that would offer one-on-one support.

We also had a Monthly Book Club​​ and Clothing Bank giving away Islamic garments and khimars to new converts.

These services and much more are coming ​​back slowly. This website on our starting points to provide interest in assisting new shahadahs build their foundation of becoming better Muslims.

Our Mission
To assist in providing an Islamic Foundation to new Muslims
To enhance to abilities to practive the Quran and follow the Sunnah.
To ensure the new muslims obtain the information ans support the need to become better Muslims and Believers of Al-Islam.
To increase Islamic Awareness and Islamic Education
To promote good Adab (Conduct) and morals

Our Objectives
To provide online Islamic Educational Resources
To promote reliable Human Development Resources​
To promote Opportunties for Social Gatherings and Forums

"Your On-Line Resources of Islamic Information for Your Foundation"