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Why get a Muslim Buddy?

As a new Muslim you fnd that it can be quite difficult to transition into the Muslim Community. Hard to get to know people, or be overwhelmed with learning alone. This program will pair you up with someone who will be your support, friend and companion on this journey through your daily life as a Muslim. Your Muslim Buddy will make your journey as a (New) Muslim one of ease and comfort. Most of all they are your companion on equal terms and a doorway for you into the Muslim community. You may feel hesitant asking for a friend and you are not alone, but all the people we have paired up so far are so happy they made the decision to ask for one.

You will learn together, play together and Allah willing be the best of friends for years to come. There is no buddy like a Muslim Buddy :)

Why volunteer as A Muslim Buddy

My Muslim Buddy is a project inspired by the model of brotherhood created for us by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him). Upon the migration of the Makkan Muslims to Madinah, there was a group of people that Allah had chosen to alter the course of history; a group that the Prophet eventually considered himself to be a part of. They were the Ansar, which literally means helpers and supporters. We believe that each one of you has a chance to make history as well and everyone's story is recorded by the angels who will write how you were a helper, a supporter and a friend of your beloved brother/sister in Islam purely for the sake of Allah.

If a person was to carefully study the contributions of the ansaar, one would find that their biggest and greatest contribution was giving opening their arms to their brethren, aiding them to settle in the new land by sharing their wealth, family, and livelihoods, and ultimately giving the immigrants of Makkah a chance to practice Islam freely and openly. The Ansar made Madinah a fertile ground for the New Muslims/migrants to live Islam; they embraced them into their families, became their brothers and sisters – bonds stronger than blood relations. It was their generosity and kindness that made the lives of the Muhajirun (immigrants) easily adaptable to Islam.
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